Team building on a sailing ship

The sailing ship is an ideal form of transport allowing individual components of a group to build a team. It is a specific and unique activity, which helps improve team work, bonds within the group performances and morale within it. The sailing ship, through the organisation of the necessary manoeuvres for navigation, makes all participants feel that they are an active member of the group, because successful completion of each individual action will lead to an optimal result for the whole team. Learning the rules required for sailing helps improve self-esteem as well as confidence in others. Timonare, adjusting a sail - lascando or cazzando – and any other manoeuver, will lead crew members to understand the importance of joint efforts and trusting others.

Each crew member will be assigned a task, and by exchanging them you will try and walk in each other’s shoes. This type of Team Building can be useful for:


Groups which have been recently formed:

  • to establish trust and empathy
  • Groups in a crisis: to rediscover unity and cooperation
  • Gruppi which are stressed out: to learn to solve problems in new ways and together.


Xstream has suitable craft and, most importantly, trainers able to welcome and guide corporate groups.

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