Xstream combines a passion for sailing and sea with the love of Italy, its art and its culture, its “dolce vita” made of excellent cuisine and extraordinary wines, its charming coastline and endless possibilities for sports and leisure activities

Reaching the most charming places in Italy on a sailing boat or catamaran. Stopping for a visit to monuments, museums, or exhibitions. Taking a leisurely stroll along village streets, stop in historic cafés, rich in traditions and stories. Let yourself be guided by the fascinating narration hidden round the corners and in the stones of historic cities.

Take a break to enjoy the crystalline waters of some of the most beautiful seas in the world and explore nature. Play with the wind and breeze of the mild Italian climate for exciting days spent kitesurfing or on snorkelling seabed explorations, diving and canoeing. Drop anchor in coves from which trekking paths depart which connect the mainland to the sea.

travelling means making your senses come alive

- Alexandre Poussin -