Cagliari and western Sardinia on a sailing boat: sailing from the city to Carloforte

Ancient culture and nature: this is the combination offered by the southern coast of Sardinia. Starting from the amazing Cagliari and sailing to Carloforte, to the south-west of the island, land of fishermen and tuna-fishing nets.

Like a large raft in the middle of the Mediterranean, at a crossroads of peoples and centre of native cultures, Sardinia generously displays its endless natural beauties, but only careful eyes will be able to notice the signs of one of the most ancient histories in the world. Its combination of myths and history, whose roots date back to as long as 4000 years ago, has made this land a place of legends, tales, histories. Once you have reached the tourist port of Cagliari, Portus Karalis, you just need to cross Viale Roma and walk up the roads leading to the borough of Castello where, protected by the rampart of Saint Remy, you find one of the oldest parts of the city, with its high stately homes, the cathedral decorated with multi-coloured marblework and the Government Palace. On top of the hill you reach one of the most important archaeological museums in the world with remains of the civilisations which have inhabited this island.

Going down towards the port, you have the streets of the old town, with many historic shops where you can find the celebrated Sardinian watermark jewellery, inspired by the technique of Etruscan gold and which are still used by men and women in Sardinia to decorate their traditional outfits on special occasions. You leave Cagliari and sail southwards, following a series of coves and headlands, with white or pink beaches, and with granite rocks on the background which have inspired the work of the greatest Sardinian artists, including Maria Lai, Costantino Nivola and Pinuccio Sciola. After Pula, you cross Capo Teulada and reach Porto Pino, which is never particularly crowded in spite of its beaches with pink nuances or soft white dunes, rocky coves where centuries-old Aleppo pines and juniper grow.

You finally get to Sant’Antioco where you will stop to discover Sardinian crafts, with their ancient and valuable rites, for example the art by Chiara Vigo, the only one in the world to weave byssus, also known as sea thread because it is made using the mucilage from Pinna Nobilis, a giant mollusc which can grow up to one and a half metres in length. The items woven by Chiara are not for sale because her art creates unique pieces, expressing a concept which is closer to the sacredness of life than to everyday objects. From Sant'Antioco we sail to the island of Carloforte, well known for its tuna-fishing nets and colonies of Genoese fishermen, a trace of whom is still alive in the local dialect. A gastronomic stop is mandatory here in the famous trattorias, offering dishes of freshly caught fish wonderfully cooked. Back in Cagliari, there will be time for a visit to the beautiful Molentargius Natural Park, right behind the famous beach of Poetto, to admire its pink population, the flamingos nesting in the lagoon.

This cruise is available in the months of June, September and October.

Programme (All-inclusive)*:


5 pm – Check–in at the Portus Karalis Marina, in Cagliari

8 pm – Dinner on board

Sunday - departure for the cruise, in a South-South/West direction:

  • Pula, to enjoy the emerald-coloured sea
  • Capo Teulada, Porto Pino and the Dune beach
  • Sant’Antioco, Calasetta
  • Carloforte

Friday: Return to Cagliari, about 60 nautical miles


10 pm – Check out

*This package includes:

  • Overnight stays on board, bedlinen and towels
  • Food and beverages throughout the trip (one bottle of wine for four people per meal)
  • Typical Sardinian menu with typical products from land and sea:
    • Starters:
      Typical Sardinian cheese and cold cuts with Carasau bread/beef Carpaccio and songino salad, citronette sauce and flower petals/sea bass Carpaccio on a bed of peaches and ginger flavoured with Vermentino wine/octopus Carpaccio with fennel, orange and soy sauce
    • First courses:
      Culurgiones pasta with Pachino tomatoes, mint and lemon/Gallura soup/Fregola pasta with clams and sea asparagus/Malloreddus pasta with ragout
    • Second courses:
      Grilled fish/Fillets of mullet with mashed potatoes and Carasau bread/Leg of lamb cooked in Myrtle and Cannonau wine/Pork ribs roasted with honey and saffron
    • Desserts:
      Seadas/Typical Sardinian sweets/Myrtle and Watermelon Sherbet/Ice cream cake with almond biscuits
    • The menu may be changed due to logistic or seasonal issues
    • Unlimited coffee, tea and soft drinks
    • Skipper, hostess

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Means of transport:

Sailing boat

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