Italian Riviera. Cinque Terre, Portofino the Dolce Vita
Sailing yachts from 70 to 110 foot - 8/10 passengers, Captain, Sailor, Chef, Hostess

The Riviera di Levante in Liguria is characterised by a ragged and changing coastline, with mountains diving into the sea, creating cliffs interspersed with small bays. You sail between orchards, vineyards and terraced olive groves which seem suspended on the water, to forests, pinewoods and Mediterranean shrub which give the mountainsides a deep green colours.

Cinque Terre, Portofino Promontory, Lerici and Camogli are household names worldwide because of that special mix between nature, history and stylish life which characterizes them. They have inspired writers and artists, served as a retreat for personalities from all over the world, corners chosen because of the beauty of the landscape there, producing an elegant balance between human creations and nature, places of the soul where you can recharge and rediscover yourself. Like a valuable necklace, from Genoa to La Spezia, the Riviera consists of an extraordinary string of pearls, ancient boroughs, colourful and lively, inhabited by extraordinary people, well known for being pleasant and sea-loving.

These people have transformed the products of the land and sea into dishes with a unique perfume, which can be tasted only here: focaccia bread, pesto sauce, farinata pancake and fish cooked in a variety of ways, where the aroma of herbs and delicate flavours dominate. All of this goes with wines made from valuable grapes produced in small amounts on terraces won over from the steep ridges of the mountains, cultivated almost exclusively by hand. A comfortable tender will make it possible to get off at any time and visit the wonderful sites of the Liguria Riviera.

We leave from the port of Genoa, an ancient city on the UNESCO world heritage list. It is worth taking the time for a walk down the narrow carrugi in the old town, visit the ancient churches, with their special combination of green and white marble which the Genoese have exported throughout the Mediterranean, and the ancient and sumptuous aristocratic villas, whose names remind us of families which have made the history of sailing worldwide. From here you sail along the Riviera to Camogli, with its colourful house fronts which served the purpose of helping sailors recognise their home and return to their families. Sailing along the coast you reach the fascinating Monastery of San Fruttuoso which takes up the whole of the narrow bay. It is dominated by the Tower which the Doria family built to protect the monastery founded in the year 1000 by Benedictine monks. The nearby Cala dell'Oro owes its name to the legend of a treasure hidden by the Barbareschi, a sign of the battles and looting which took place in these seas between Genoese families and pirates.

Finally we get to Portofino, a symbolic resort for Liguria and tourism in the Mediterranean. Portofino is synonymous everywhere with elegance and Dolce Vita. A sea borough, built around a bay, with tall and colourful houses right in front fo the small harbour and of the celebrated Piazzetta. Here the sea reflects the colours of the houses, of the sky and of the vegetation, and harbours yachts, boats and ferries coming and going. In the surrounding areas, hidden by the vegetation, are splendid villas and luxuriant gardens. After Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo, lively villages which are full of colours and artworks, the area known as Cinque Terre begins, an intact region dotted with fishermen’s boroughs of almost indescribable charm in words, which deserve being enjoyed unhurriedly: Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola, Rio Maggiore and Portofino: five veritable jewels. Beautiful and fragile, onece connected by footpaths along the sea, which can now be followed only in part due to the danger of landslides. The best way to admire them is arriving by sea and climbing up the alleys and narrow roads. You can always choose whether to eat on board or be accompanied on the mainland for a meal in typical Italian restaurants.

This cruise is available the year round, except for the month of August.



6 pm – Check-in at the port in Genoa

From Sunday to Saturday:

Sailing along the coast with schedules and stops to be agreed on each occasion with the captain. It will always be possible to go on excursions on canoe or SUP, or choose trekking paths in the Park of Portofino


4.30 pm – Check-out at the port in Genoa

*This package includes:

  • Yacht rental including equipment and bedlinen
  • Full crew (Captain, sailor, chef and hostess)
  • Food and drinks on board
  • Unlimited coffee, tea and soft drinks
  • Gasoil, port and marina charges

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