Sicily: Aeolian Islands. Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli and Vulcano –Sailing and trekking

Born out of boiling lava, rising in the middle of the sea like multi-coloured pearls: the Aeolian islands are a wonder of nature. They are a history book of the earth to be leafed through slowly, so plentiful as a result of the specific synergy of the elements.

They are almost mythical places to watch, to taste, to feel with all senses, none excluded. Because the Aeolian islands are made of strong emotions to which you cannot remain indifferent. A palette of colours will reveal itself in the course of our sailing. The white of the pumice stone flowing down from Lipari into the sea, creating a pure-coloured beach and seabed changing colour between turquoise, azure and opalescent. The green of the beautiful island of Salina, fertile and rich in water, famous for its caper crops and valuable vineyards. The deep sky-blue of the doors in Panarea which seems to echo the colour of the sea, responding with endless nuances which can be admired only here. The red of Stromboli, with its active volcano which erupts at regular intervals and sometimes creates flows of lava reaching down to the sea in the Sciara del Fuoco. The black of the sand in Stromboli and Vulcano, mingling with the sea where minuscule obsidian grains produce a magical metal glimmer.

These are the islands we will be visiting in an exciting cruise which will alternate sailing and inland explorations accompanied by a volcanologist. On board there will be a skipper to tell about the history, culture and myths of these islands which have been inhabited ever since the times of the ancient Greeks.
The cruise is ideal for culture and nature enthusiasts, but also for those who wish to be pampered by the island’s cuisine, with its outstanding dishes. The mainland excursions are approached in an easy and relaxed manner, following the rhythm of the group. The only requirement is being in good health.

The cruise is available in the months of May, June, September and October.



3 pm – Check-in at the Portorosa Marina, Furnari (Messina)

5 pm – Sailing towards Lipari

8 pm – Dinner on board and overnight stay at the port of Pignataro in Lipari


8 am – Breakfast with mulberry crushed ice

9 am – Excursion to Quattropiani (375m) to visit the kaolin quarries.
Return trip (Quattropiani – Pianoconte) by taxi or bus.
Excursion time: four hours. Easy climb, with a 330 m slope.

1.30 pm – Lunch on board, then departure to Salina. We will be stopping for a swim in the turquoise sea below what used to be pumice stone quarries.

7 pm – Drinks on board in the port of Santa Marina di Salina

8 pm – Dinner on the mainland


7 am – Departure for an excursion to the Fossa delle Felci mountain, through Valdichiesa.
We will be climbing up from Santa Marna and down to Rinella.
Excursion time: five hours. Medium difficulty climb, with a 900 m slope.

1 pm – Lunch on board

3 pm – Sailing towards Pollara

8 pm – Dinner on board in the bay of Pollara, with the moon setting in the distance behind Filicudi


8.30 am – Hearty breakfast on board

10.00 am – We set off on our sailing trip to Panarea

2 pm – Arrival at Panarea. Anchoring in the bay of Cala Junco

3 pm – Departure from the prehistoric village of Punta Milazzese for a trekking excursion to Punta del Corvo. Excursion time: Three and a half hours. Low-level difficulty with a slope of di 400 m.

8 pm – Dinner on board

The night will be spent in the bay, anchored or buoyed


8 am – Breakfast on board

The morning will be spent in Panarea, diving in the sea and relaxing

11.30 am – Departure for Stromboli, driven by the breeze from the west

12.30 pm – Buffet lunch while we are sailing

3 pm – Estimated arrival in Scari, in front of Strombolicchio

4 pm – Excursion with volcanology guide.
Ascent to Pizzo sopra la Fossa (892 m).
We get there at dusk to admire the complete sunset, and finally you will be able to watch Stromboli erupting.
We return after dark. Excursion time: six hours and a half.
Difficulty: medium/high on a slope of 800 m.

We will have a packed dinner and, when get back, spend the night anchored in the bay.


07.30 am – Breakfast on board

08.30 am – Departure for Partenza Vulcano which we will be reaching thanks to the favourable winds which will drive us towards this island which will take the whole day

11.30 am – Stop for a cooling swim in the islets around Panarea

12.30 pm – Lunch on board, then we sail away again to reach Vulcano in the afternoon

6 pm – We drop anchor for the night in the bay or on the Levante piers, according to availability

7.30 pm – Evening on the mainland, with drinks, music and chatting


6 am – Very early start, to watch the sun rise and walk up to Gran Cratere

6.30 am – After stopping for some mulberry crushed ice, we will have enough energy to keep a steady pace. Excursion time: two hours. Low-level difficulty with a 300 m slope.

10 am – Back on board and we sail towards Gelso, the southern part of Vulcano. We will be stopping for a final swim and say goodbye to the islands.

6 pm – Departure before sunset to reach Portorosa, Furnari

8.30 pm – Dinner in a trattoria


9 am – Check-out at Marina di Portorosa, Furnari (ME)

*The times are indicative and may change depending on the weather conditions.

*This package includes:

  • Overnight stays on board, bedlinen and towels
  • Food and beverages throughout the trip (one bottle of wine for four people per meal)
  • Unlimited coffee, tea and soft drinks
  • Skipper, environmental guide for the excursions, gasoil and marina and port charges
  • Tender and outboard
  • Final cleaning

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